Columbia Community Bible Church

We are a InFaith Community Bible Church with a mission: to enable people, empowered by the Spirit to love others because Jeseus first loved them.

What We Are All About

As a community of believers in Jesus Christ, at Columbia Community Bible Church, we are here to worship and serve God, while learning to trust Him and His resources. We seek to show people in the community attributes of God, and tell them about the Person and finished work of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, Who makes possible a personal relationship with God, as our Heavenly Father.
Finding ways to serve in the community, we pray for opportunities to extend God’s invitation to know Him, His love, and plan for our lives, through trusting Jesus. As we put into practice the faith He gives us as a gift, we hope others in the community come to experience, enjoy, and share, the life of God, Jesus brings us to have, and have to the full